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Bardejov Area

Extensive production area located in the northern part of the city of Bardejov in eastern Slovakia. The area, covering nearly 7 hectares, consists of 14 buildings, which together create an ideal environment for agricultural production and other industrial activities.


Part of the area, originally owned by the former owner - POĽNONÁKUP BARDEJOV, s.r.o., included a concrete grain silo with a storage capacity of 21,000 tons, a grain cleaner, and several associated warehouses for industrial fertilizers.

The main activity carried out in the area was the sale and distribution of industrial fertilizers, agrochemicals, and seeds. Supplying components for the production of feed mixtures with subsequent repurchase of agricultural commodities was also a major function.

Current Status

The company Agro Ostrov, s.r.o., which currently manages the premises, holds a notable market share in agricultural activities in the eastern region of Slovakia. It ensures customer service by providing inputs for primary production as well as associated services (planting, soil preparation, harvesting, drying, cleaning, gathering bulk feed, ensiling, silaging, bagging), followed by the purchase of their produce. 


The area is located near the city of Bardejov, providing excellent accessibility and transportation links to main roads and highways. The surrounding nature and climate create ideal conditions for agricultural and food-related businesses. The location provides an excellent opportunity for transit of commodities to/from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, or Hungary.

Investment Opportunity

The area offers wide-ranging opportunities for expansion and modernization of food and agricultural production. There is potential for the production and processing of traditional commodities for both the Slovak and international markets. The current infrastructure and equipment allow for immediate commencement of production.

This represents an ideal opportunity for investors seeking a stable and promising sector for their business activities. The excellent location and transportation accessibility enable efficient distribution of products to both local and international markets. The area has the potential for growth and development in the agricultural and food industry sectors.